We take great pride in giving the most professional care possible to all our Olmay Home customers.
Our goal is to make it easy and comfortable for you -- from your first visit to our webite, to the moment your goods are delivered to your doorstep.
We are delighted to help, however large or small your request may be.


MOHAIR THROWS - Very gently agitate by hand to dislodge dirt particles.
 Do not agitate unduly.  Rinse in clean, cool water and spin to rid excess water. 
A small amount of fabric softener can be used if desired.  Hang or lay flat to dry (Mohair dries quite quickly).
 When dry, a brisk shake or brush (with a stiff hair brush) will restore the pile.  Gentle coaxing rather than firm strokes is advisable to ease out tangle and create the downy pile for which our Mohair is renowned.


TOWELS (COTTON OR LINEN) - Wash in warm water.  You can spot treat it first if necessary.
You can use the drier, put not more than 10 minutes or so. 
The American driers are especially hot and will make them shrink quite a lot.
I prefer to hang dry mine.  If it’s sunny they will dry in 10 minutes, and smell even better.


LINEN PILLOW CASES - Can be washed in warm water.  Lay flat to dry inside or hang outside in the sun.


BODY POUF - Put it in hot soapy water  for a while, then rinse.

ETOILE POUF - Instructions is on the pouf itself.
 Striped cotton blanket
Machine wash in warm water. Low heat tumble dry.


APRON - Undo the latch with the leather straps before washing. 
Can be washed in hot water.
Spot treat first if necessary.


RECYCLED CANVAS POUF - Dry clean only.


WHITE COTTON BLANKET - Wash in warm water.  No bleach. LINEN CLOTH, TOWELS - Please lay a cloth on top of the linens before  ironing.


SISAL BAG - Can be easily reshaped.  Moisten the basket thoroughly and let it absorb the moisture.  Gently mold it into the intended basket shape, then let it dry.



USE IT: Every time you chop vegetables or break down a chicken on the board, you're adding moisture to the wood.

WASH IT: Use warm, soapy water, and scrub thoroughly but not aggressively.

PROTECT IT: As soon as it's clean and dry, give your cutting board some love in the form of conditioning mineral oil. Drizzle a little on the board and wipe all over to coat the surface thinly, then let it get absorbed. Try to use a cloth that's not too absorbent and won't shred on any snags. You don't have to oil it all the time, but whenever it feels dry. If you do, this board will last your for many years. The oil can be plain mineral oil--make sure it's food grade, not what you'd find at a hardware store--or oil with special additives.




We hope that you are pleased with your purchase. Should you wish to return anything, we are happy to offer a refund, exchange, or store credit in following ways:

1. Returns will be accepted within 10 days of purchase if all items are in perfect condition. Unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on sale items, vintage items, and body products such as towels, sponge, mittens, scrubs, pumice stones etc.

2. All items must packed securely in original packaging with original sales receipt or packing slip and return form.

3. Shipping and handling charges are nonrefundable.

4. Upon return, your item will be inspected, and exchanges, credits and refunds will be issued for the purchase price only. Any taxes charged will be refunded in accordance with state laws. Shipping charges are non-refundable with the exception of damaged or defective merchandise.

5. We are not in responsible for lost packages in transit.  We strongly recommend you to obtain proof of postage/tracking number.



All orders will ship within a day or two.  Depending on what state you are in, it will usually take 2-5 business days to receive.

We have several options available.  Freight charges are based on the weight of your order.

Once your order is placed and you go to the checkout process, the shipping pages will give you options with Freight charges per option.

Please note that shipping windows are estimates and delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.



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