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Olmay Home & Design founder, Christina Nickerson, was born in Norway and traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East, where she was inspired by regional hand-made design. Christina’s work ethos stems from an honest and straight-forward approach to living: each home should have a unique style based on a functional utilitarian space.
Additionally, her work is always rooted in creativity and inspiration which employ natural

colors and well-crafted designs. This practice allows her to transform any home into a sophisticated and authentic space designed to entice buyers to purchase a new home quickly. Christina’s staging talents also lend themselves to home design projects for private clients. She adheres to the same principles of effortless taste.
Some clients needs help with establishing a new home from start to finish, others needs help with an existing home that just needs to be re arranged and styled.
Last but not least, Offices, front hallways in public buildings a lot of the time can use some styling. Curb Appeal is equally important when putting your home or business on the market.
It’s easy to improve curb appeal, resulting in more traffic and a quick sale or rental of your property.

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